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The Problem Of Water Drinking Water - 1081 Words

Water is considered one of the most important substances in the world. Imagine a world with no access to fresh water. People can only survive without water for a total of three days and then its over. People in many nations have no choice but to drink water that is a health hazard and may one day kill them. Fresh access to water increases the health of the population, increases the agricultural production, and improves the state of the economy. TOMS is a company that provides diverse aid to third world countries. It’s a one-for-one type aid that when someone buys a certain product they improve a life of someone in a third world nation. TOM currently has over 100 giving partners to help over 70 countries around the world. TOM specifically gives out140 liters of safe water for every bag of TOMS Roasting Co. Coffee sold. That is one week supply according to the World Health organization that recommends 20 liters of water every day for adequate hygiene and health. More than 780 million people don t have access to safe drinking water. The purchase TOMS Roasting Co. purchases support water systems in seven countries, in the same regions where the company sources the coffee beans. TOMS is working with Giving Partners that have expertise in water, sanitation and hygiene to help create sustainable water systems in seven countries. So far TOMS Roasting Co. purchases have helped provide over 250,000 weeks of safe water to peopl e in need (Giving Water† 2016) Safe and available waterShow MoreRelatedProblems With Drinking Water Supplies in Kenya Essay example730 Words   |  3 Pages Water is a bare necessity both for the survival of an individual and a nation. Freshwater scarcity has become a global concern as the projected worldwide demand on water exceeds supplies. Less developed countries in particular are currently suffering from severe water shortages and water contamination. #8230;half the population of our civilized world suffers today with water services inferior to those of the ancient Greeks and Romans#8230;In many developing countries, cholera, dysenteryRead MoreDrinking Water From Your Sink is Safer Than Bottled Water Essay1099 Words   |  5 PagesFord -- The advertising of bottled water companies often implies that tap water is impure. Is your tap water safe to drink? Some people think that water straight from the faucet could contain chemicals that cause illness and even cancer, but it doesnt. Pesticides and other chemicals do not contaminate drinking water. The Safe Drinking Water Act was passed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to allow state governments to protect the public from water contamination by establishing limitsRead MoreDrinking Water Is An Essential Basic Human Need Essay1367 Words   |  6 PagesFood, Water, and Shelter; that it the basic essential needs that is taught to us all in primary school. In order for any humans to survive, this is what is needed to sustain life. So that means if one of these essential life needs is not available, the chances of survival are limited. Upon doing my research for this assignment, the statistics that came up about unclean drinking water was perplexing. For example, one in nine people worldwide do not have access to clean and safe drinking water. TheRead MoreLocal Drinking Water Case Study995 Words   |  4 Pagessubstances are in local drinking water. There are many things that can be found in drinking water that can be beneficial, harmful, or even neutral in some cases. These substances can change how the water tastes, such as copper, how it smells, like total dissolved solids, and there minerals like iron that can change the waters color. The tests that this study will cover will help determine the different substances found in water from different sources, like city water or well-water. Then after recordingRead MoreLiterature Review On Drinking Fountains1734 Words   |  7 Pages REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Immersive research on drinking fountains especially in our 21st century society with diverse cultural behavior created different studies conducting different behavioral and health related impacts on drinking fountains. Nowadays, drinking fountains occupy different places such as institutions, public places, and more importantly it is mostly used in schools. Students are engaged in the use of drinking fountains on their schools and connected with this are theRead MoreClean Water Is Imperative For Survival1100 Words   |  5 PagesClean water is imperative for survival. In the United States people use clean water for drinking, household needs, agriculture, recreation, industry and commerce and thermoelectricity (CDC). Clean drinking water is most important, because if drinking water becomes contaminated, it becomes a serious health hazard. One of the most dangerous contaminates to human health is lead. Lead is considered a dangerous heavy metal contaminate. Lead in drinking water ca n have adverse effects on both children andRead MoreAn Essential Component For Human Development1680 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Water is an essential component for human development for its ability to keep the body hydrated and conduct complex physiological process to ensure for a healthy wellbeing. In addition, water is vital as it composes 75% of the human body. Several other features water is beneficial for humans is that it assists in transporting nutrients and waste products into and out of the cell, distribute and dissolve oxygen and carbon dioxide present in the lymphatic and haemolytic system to the surroundingRead MoreHuman Waste Into Fresh Drinking Water974 Words   |  4 Pagesturning human waste into fresh drinking water may sound disgusting to most people, but for a continent like Africa this could be the answer to their prayers. Africa has been a struggling country when it comes to clean drinking water and proper sanitation, so a machine that could fix both of these problems would be life changing. That machine is called the Omni Processor and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded it in 2013. This machine could transform the future of water purification in poor countriesRead MorePersuasive Essay On Drinking Water1408 Words   |  6 PagesWater. It’s what keeps us alive, but only 1% of all the Earth’s water can be used as drinking water. So shouldn’t we be more concerned about keeping this small amount of water the most healthy and clean it can be? Yes, we should be—but in reality, we are exposed to all types of regulated and unregulated chemicals in our drinking water every single day. Thousands and thousands of chemicals are made and proposed to the EPA every year to be tested and decided whether or not they would be harmful toRead MoreDrinking Water Safety Is Not New1416 Words   |  6 Pagessociety is the growing concern over the accessibility of safe, clean drinking water. Following a crisis in Flint, Michigan, where public officials ignored dangerous levels of lead in the city’s drinking water and thousands of children were exposed to dangerous levels of lead in their water. Beyond the obvious issues in Flint, however, there remain many problems surrounding safe drinking water. Though options to fix these problems exist, it remains challenging to find a solution that does not ask too

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E Commerce A Small On Line Business - 1317 Words

INTRODUCTION How much did U.S. consumers spend on-line in 2014? According to the website Internet Retailers, consumers spent almost $300 billion in 2014. That was an increase in 15.4% over 2013 sales. 2013 sales totaled close to $265 billion ( Today technology is business. E-commerce is big business. In the discussion I will state how e-commerce impacts consumers in many areas. First, I will define e-commerce. Then, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantage of e-commerce. Next, I will discuss hosting an e-commerce site for a small on-line business. This paper will focus on capabilities and costs for creating an e-commerce site. In addition to the capabilities and the costs the hosting sites, I will examine their tools and offerings. Lastly, this paper will indicate which choice was made and an explanation of that choice. E-COMMERCE Our lives today are touched in every way by electronic commerce. Everything from watching movies on Netflix, listening to music on Apple Music or Spotify, or purchasing anything from A to Z on E-commerce is mentioned daily on the internet. How is E-commerce defined? According to Laudon and Laudon, it is defined as a business transaction on the Web and Internet. The business transaction involves the company and the customer in the form of a digital transaction. This digital transaction occurs through the World Wide Web and the Internet. The transaction involves the customer paying forShow MoreRelatedApplication Of Electronic Commerce ( E Commerce ) On Small Medium Enterprise ( Sme )1455 Words   |  6 Pagesof electronic commerce (e-commerce) on Small Medium Enterprise (SME) In this globalization era, new businesses are emerging and developing very rapidly where competition between businesses are becoming more aggressive. This situation may impact on small business or familiar with small and medium enterprise (SME). In order to survive and stay competitive, SMEs implements a vary of approaches or strategies, such as by adopting internet-based or web based (e-commerce) in their business. Many studiesRead MoreImplementation Of Electronic Commerce ( E Commerce ) On Small Medium Enterprise ( Sme )1292 Words   |  6 Pageselectronic commerce (e-commerce) on Small Medium Enterprise (SME) In this globalization era, new businesses are emerging and developing very rapidly where competition between businesses is becoming more aggressive. Raymond, Bergeron and Blili (2005) mentioned that todays’ market is more effective and efficient since the use of technology that has eliminated distance and time. This situation may impact on small business or known as Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) to compete with bigger business. InRead MoreElectronic Commerce : Methodology Of Working Together Through Machine Systems1142 Words   |  5 Pagesabstract: Electronic Commerce is methodology of working together through machine systems. An individual sitting on his seat before a machine can get to all the offices of the Internet to purchase or offer the items. Dissimilar to conventional business that is completed physically with exertion of an individual to go get items, ecommerce has made it simpler for human to decrease physical work and to spare time. E-Commerce which was begun in ahead of schedule 1990 s has taken an incredible jumpRead MoreE Commerce And Its Impact On Todays Economy1054 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"In e-Commerce, your prices have to be better because the consumer has to take a leap of faith in your product.† These were the words uttered by actor, producer, and investor, Ashton Kutcher. It is clear that what Ashton is saying is 100% factual, as it is essential to give customers the best shopping experience by providing with a well-rounded and most efficient website. However, in my paper I will be defining e-C ommerce, discussing the types of e-commerce, an evolution of e-commerce and the impactRead MoreB2C and B2B Web Site Supply Chain Difference981 Words   |  4 Pagesworld of business. Or should it be phrased: ah, the wonders that business has called forth from the world of technology? Whether it is the chicken or the egg, many changes have developed and with the advancements in what is now called e-business, businesses and consumers have benefited. Though e-businesses vary in scope and methods, they can be categorized basically as business-to-consumer (B2C) or a business-to-business (B2B). A B2B model involves transactions between one business and anotherRead MoreE Commerce, An Aspect Of Information Communications Technology1335 Words   |  6 PagesSmall farms have an important part in the rapid expansion of the U.S. agricultural sector (USDA-NASS, 2015). Ninety-two percent of all farms in the United States are classified as small with small farms being defined as those with annual gross revenues of $250,000 or less (USDA-NASS, 2015). A way to increase the competitiveness of small farmers is to enhance their management practices and to expand their capacities through the use of tools such as electronic commerce (e-commerce) (Briggeman WhitacreRead MoreEassy1154 Words   |  5 PagesInstitute of Business and Technology | ELECTRONIC-COMMENCE ASSIGNMENT | What are the major limitations on the growth of e-commence? Which is potentially the toughest to overcome? Discuss why new and improved security measures are not enough to stop online crime? What is the missing ingredient? How have the unique features of Electronic Commence technology changed industry structure in the travel business? | 11/21/2011 11/21/2011 What are the major limitations on the growth of e-commenceRead MoreE-Commerce Strategies for a Local Independently Owned and Operated Restaurant792 Words   |  3 Pagese-Commerce Strategies for a Local Independently Owned and Operated Restaurant What Internet business model would be appropriate for the company to follow in creating a Web site and why? The best possible Internet business model for the local restaurant Kenos would be multichannel retailing and new customer acquisition through event marketing, couponing and pervasive use of social media to promote special events. Kenos is a family-run small restaurant that also has a small sports bar attachedRead MoreE-Commerce - A World of Opportunities for the Small Business Owner1666 Words   |  7 PagesE-commerce is one of the grandest trademarks of the 21st century. By allowing anyone with a credit card to purchase any product - at any time - at the click of a mouse, e-commerce has opened a world full of opportunities for the small business owner and the shopaholic. But e-commerce is not without its apparent flaws. It has the advantage of speed, a variety of products, and a great start up for e-commerce businesses, but product quality, bad businesses, and hackers are its main foibles. â€Æ' WhenRead Morecustomer behaviour1489 Words   |  6 PagesAAP E-COM P 1st Introduction to E-Commerce What is Electronic Commerce? Commerce - The exchange of commodities, buying and selling, of products and services requiring transportation, from location to location is known as commerce. E-Commerce - From a communications perspective, e-commerce is the delivery of information, products/services or payments via telephone lines, Fax, computer networks or any other means. What is Electronic Commerce? From an online perspective, e-commerce provides

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A Local Environmental Issue Free Essays

Over the past centuries, people have engaged in many activities that brought about changes in the quality of air in Metropolitan Manila, the greater metropolitan area of the city of Manila, the National capital of the Philippines.   These changes were introduced with the construction of cities and during the onset of the industrial Revolution.   Urban construction, transportation and industrial activities up to the present times have added new materials not normally found in air. We will write a custom essay sample on A Local Environmental Issue or any similar topic only for you Order Now Some of these changes are beneficial while others are harmful. These materials have changed the quality of the air.   The air that surrounds us contains substances which could be considered examples of natural pollutants such as ashes from volcanic eruptions, salt from the sea, and even pollen grains from plants.   These air pollutants if present in air in large amounts can cause harm to life and property. Human activities have added more pollutants to the air.   These air pollutants are of two groups:   Those that affect our health such as Particulate Matter or Suspended Particulates, sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide, Air Toxics, Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbons.   The other group of air pollutants are those that affect our environment, which cause harm by altering the properties of the air such as Ozone and Photochemical Smog and Depleters of Stratospheric Ozone. Transportation and industry have contributed much to the pollution of the air.   Motor vehicles are the major sources and contributor of pollutants in cities like Metro Manila.   Gasoline-fueled vehicles produce more particulates and oxides of nitrogen. Human activities have also upset the balance in ozone layer. Knowing the harmful effects of air pollution, what then should people do about it?   The most we can do is to reduce the amount of harmful substances that will enter the atmosphere and remove as much pollutants from the air as possible. Removing pollutants from the air is not as effective as preventing pollution and reducing pollution.   Preventing pollution is more effective and easier to do than removing pollutants from the air.   Nature often does this for us for examples the high rainfall and the frequent and strong typhoons cleanse the air for us.   However, we have no control over Nature’s self-cleansing schedule. References Santos, Gil Nonato C and Jorge P. Ocampo (2003).   Science and Technology I.   Rex Printing Company, Inc. Manila.             How to cite A Local Environmental Issue, Essay examples

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Fast Food free essay sample

When finished, write a paper that includes the following: the title of the film, director’s name, and year it was made, a brief summary of the movie (no more than one paragraph), a brief account of your personal reaction (what impact did the viewing the film have on you? ), and a historical analysis of the film (analysis of historical accuracy). The final portion of the historical analysis is the most important part of your paper, and should be the longest, most in-depth portion of your analysis. HINT: some of these movies will not be historically accurate. You must identify these aspects in your paper with citation for correct information. Choose a couple of the following questions to address for critical portion of paper or analysis. You are not required to answer all of the questions in one paper. Every paper must address at least one historical question. -How is the event described historically? -How historically accurate is it based on the textbook and lecture? -Is the movie biased in any way historically? Explain the bias and provide examples. Choosing to eat fast food is all our own decision, and we put ourselves at risk for obesity. Obesity due to excessive consumption of fast food can only be blamed on our own actions. Fast food chains appear everywhere in today’s world. Home delivery of various foods is more accessible than ever before. These are common excuses when overweight people blame fast food industries for their bodies. Before reading these essays, I already had an opinion about fast food in my mind. I believed that if someone was overweight or obese, that it was no one’s fault but their own. In his essay, however â€Å"You Want Fries with That? † Richard Daynard explained why he believes that today’s fast food industry is largely responsible for the dramatic rise in obesity cases in both children and adults of America. Daynard discussed how the fast food industries played a large role in deceiving the public into buying their food. Daynard said that society needs to find a happy medium when dealing with the fast food industry, whether it be through lawsuits or some other action! Daynard also backed up his claim by using supporting statistics surrounding fast food and obesity in America over the years. Ames’s essay on the other hand used no statistics. He based his entire essay on personal opinion. His frequent use of the word â€Å"I† also made the essay less effective. Overall, Richard Daynard had a much more objective argument about fast food than R. A. Ames. Daynard used specific statistics, and facts about the fast food industry, and he kept himself out of the article for the most part. Daynard was very effective in making me believe his argument. Another essay I have compared R. A. Ames is with Rahul K. Parikh’s â€Å"Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Fats Kid† . Both of these essays had strong opinions concerning who is to blame regarding obesity in America. The Fast Food Isnt to Blame was more persuasive I thought because it placed the blame for the obesity problem on the individual person and what he/she put into their bodies not on the fast food industries. According to R. A. Ames,  Ã¢â‚¬Å"Americans tend to drive to Burger King and order a Double Whopper with Cheese with a King size fries instead of driving to a supermarket and pick up some turkey and whole wheat bread†Ã‚  (326). They are obese because they make a choice to eat fast food themselves, not because fast food chains force them to stop by their restaurants to eat their food. Ames went on to say that instead of people taking responsibility for being obese they are blaming the fast food industry. Ames compared obesity to smoking. He made this comparison because both can be deadly and that in the end you still have to put the cigarette in your mouth the same way you put a candy bar. After this Ames said that in the land of the free we are able to make our own decisions but with this freedom we as people have to be responsible for our decisions. Rahul Parikh said in his essay that â€Å"Parents need to take charge of what foods they’re buying and how they’re preparing those foods† (1). This statement is suggesting that instead of blaming fast food companies parents should control their children’s food buying habits. They should limit their television hours where they see all those advertisements that attract them to eat fast foods. Rahul said that companies use superstars, action heroes, cartoons to promote their products in the market that attracts people and mainly children’s. Rahul compared child advertisement to obesity and suggested that today children will see 40,000 advertisements in a year. In this huge number of advertisements, two third of those are for junk and fast food. Ames and Rahul were both arguing that it is our individual choices to eat fast food, so we should not blame companies who provide them. In our society, we are always looking for someone or something to blame for our problems. We seem to want to avoid taking responsibility for our actions and their consequences. Overall obesity has nothing to do with the fast food industry and genetics, but rather the choices. People should be encouraged to take personal responsibility for their actions and realize what they put into their mouths, and that how much exercise they do contributes to their health and well-being. When overweight people admit that they cause their own obesity, they can swiftly move away from being obese and recognize a healthy lifestyle. While in R. A. Ames The Food Isn’t to Blame and Richard Daynard â€Å"You Want Fries with That? † use different themes of blaming fast companies and individual decisions to underscore the effects of fast of food on America, One other hand Rahul K. Parikh â€Å" Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Fats Kid† has same theme has R. A. Ames essay, he blamed advertisements for America’s Obesity. I have discussed the Ame’s essay with my friends and family. Most of them are agreed with the essay but there were also some people who were disagreed. I eat very precisely, before eating anything I check calories and fat of the product I am going to eat.

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Notable American Idealist Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr.

Table of Contents Introduction Early life Service to the world Alleviating poverty in America Recognition for service Conclusion Works Cited Introduction Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr. was born in November 9, 1915 and passed away on January 28, 2011 aged 95 years old. He was born to Robert Sargent Shriver, Sr and Hilda Shriver and generally known as Sarge. He was the American unsung hero who contributed greatly to his society and the international society through his service to humanity. He formed several social programs that changed the lives of the people in America and the rest of the word. He is a notable American idealist and a legend in public service.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Notable American Idealist: Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr. specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Early life He went to school in Canterbury school in Connecticut and graduated in 1934. He was among the students who had the opportunity to travel to Germany for an experiment in international living. The early exposure to the international community may be a major factor that led to the development of his interest in the world affairs and shaped his views on humanity and society. He later joined Yale law school, earned a degree in law, and joined politics even though he never held an elective position. His leadership qualities emerged early while he was at Yale University. He joined the Delta Kappa Epislon fraternity that concerned with the research of world cultures and literatures. Through the activities of the fraternity, he encountered diverse cultures outside his own. He thus learnt how to respect and appreciate people who were different from him irrespective of their race, economic and social status in the world. He looked at people as human beings and not as white or blacks rich or poor and he was able to serve humanity through his devoted service that touched people in America and throughout the world (Listo n 20-27). Moreover, he joined the Scroll and Key Society. The movement shaped its members and later on they offered service to the human race through various capacities in fields such as law, athletics, politics and philanthropy to name just but a few. Shriver was no exception and went on to become one of the greatest Americans in public service (Stossel 56). He was also a leader of the Yale Daily News where he served as the chairperson. He utilized the opportunity to educate people on various issues such as human rights and economic empowerment. The leadership at the Yale Daily news gave him experience in leadership, as he became a very effective leader in the social organizations he started. Service to the world Shriver was an inspirational leader and became the first director of the Peace Corps after President JF Kennedy started it in 1961. The Peace Corps was started to encourage people to serve their country and developing nations through peace living.Advertising Looking f or essay on biography? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Shriver did a great job in kicking starting the movement and in under a few years it had spread its wings to other nations. The director was enthusiastic and motivational hence helped to recruit volunteers and today the commitment shown by Shriver lives on as it helped transform Peace Corps from an ideal to a reality. Peace Corps has touched the lives of Americans and the world at large as the volunteers across the world work to improve the lives of people. They do so by addressing issues of injustice and inequality in the society. Shriver was a man who had a lot of love for humanity and through his energy, commitment and enthusiasm made the world a better place. The Peace Corps has helped people in various developing countries. It has helped to change the face of America abroad and painted it as a loving nation that cares for humanity. The program continues to influence lives today as it has continued to exist to date through donations, development loans, academic scholarships and other exchange programs. The other activities of the Peace Corps are fight against diseases such as malaria and AIDS. It also helps to fight against terrorism (Diemer 1). Alleviating poverty in America Shriver aimed at alleviating poverty to millions of Americans who are poor because e believed in economic equality. He believed that fellow Americans could join hands and help the people in poverty change their lives. He is credited with the establishment of a number of programs aimed at fighting poverty such as the VISTA, Job Corps, and Head Start (Diemer 1) VISTA is a program that fits poverty in America, as there are about thirty seven million Americans living in poverty. The program requires volunteers to work in nonprofit organization for a year and offer their services for a year. It influences people’s lives by living. The other program is the Job Corps that was for med to help disadvantaged poor Americans acquire skills and gain gainful employment. The program gives skills to the power to enable them become economically independent instead of relying on handouts. The program has served over 2.6 million young people since its inception in 1964 by giving them necessary skills that have enabled them to become successful in life and work. A 2004 graduate by the name Stephanie Underwood said that the program helped her to realize her self-worth (Job Corps 1). The lives of many people have changed for the better because they have acquired skills at Jobs Corps. Recognition for service The services that Shriver offered to his community and the world had a positive influence as people’s lives improved making the world a better place. He was recognized for his efforts in public service. Consequently, he received various awards such as the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Bill Clinton in 1994.Advertising We will write a custom ess ay sample on Notable American Idealist: Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr. specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Clinton praised him for serving humanity and establishing programs that transformed the lives of many people across the globe and his legacy was worth emulating. Other awards include Freedom from Want Award in 1993, National Brotherhood Award among others. He also had an award created in his honor called the Sargent Shriver Award for Equal Justice by the Sargent Shriver national center on Poverty Law to honor people who make outstanding contributions to delivering legal services to poor people or those with low incomes. Shriver believed that all people regardless of their economic status should have equal representation and opportunities in seeking justice (Diemer 1). Conclusion Finally, Shriver was a notable American Idealist who dared to transmit his vision of bringing economic and justice equality to all people through his various s ocial programs. He believed in transforming the lives of people. He shared his vision with the people involved in the various programs and thus he was able to achieve his goals. The spirit he breathed into the various programs continues to inspire people to help each other and the service of the programs has been seen in various ways across the globe. Through helping others, humanity is lifted and the image of America improved through its various programs that serve human beings across the globe. Sergeant Shriver believed in helping one another, the following quote captures the purpose of his service both at home and abroad â€Å"Nearly everybody in their life needs someone to help them. I don’t care whether you’re the greatest self-made man; the fact is, someone has helped you along the way† (Our Founder, Sargent Shriver 1). Works Cited Diemer, Tom. Sargent Shriver, a Peace Corps Founder and Liberal Activist, Is Dead at 95. 2011. Web. Job Corps. 21 Jan. 2011. W eb. Liston, Robert A. Sargent Shriver: a candid portrait. California: University of California, 2008.Advertising Looking for essay on biography? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Our Founder, Sargent Shriver. 2011. Web. Stossel, Scot. Sarge : the life and times of Sargent Shriver. Chicago: Chicago Publishing House, 2011. This essay on Notable American Idealist: Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr. was written and submitted by user Pedro Workman to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Into the Wild - Letter to Ronald France essays

Into the Wild - Letter to Ronald France essays Dear Ronald France, I am a student of Kingsborough Community College from Brooklyn, NY. Our class has read the book Into The Wild and many of us enjoyed it. Christopher McCandless really seemed like a hell of a guy. Although I have never met Chris, I totally understand his mentality and of all the people I think you would be very interested of what I have to say. All people develop differently and have different approaches to certain circumstances. Some people might view Chriss adventure as being crazy only because they themselves have never reaches the level of self-understanding. I believe there are three most important development stages of a man. First stage is from ten to thirteen; a man begins to understand very basic structures and realities, which were never before seen in his eyes. Second stage starts around the age of seventeen, a man begins to see more complex life patterns and understanding of loss, gain and mixed messages. The third stage begins in the middle fortys, this is the last and probably hardest stage of all, this is when a man feels life like hes own five fingers. Chriss development stages of a man evolved unbelievably faster then of his peers. After college, Chris wanted to feel the world but because of his lack of experience, he could not pass through this stage. The decision Chris made was very well thought-out and reasonable to fulfill his need. When I look at Chriss photograph I see a simple man smiling into the camera saying that he is not trying to be some special superhero but just learn to understand his emotions. He looks into the world with simplicity, which is actually a huge step in life. This is the reason Chris reached so many people, even though it was not his intention. Hes eyes tell us that hes belief gives him the strength to go on. Although Chris looks very thin, he has more strength then any regular city man does. ...

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Personal and Managerial Effectiveness Assignment - 1

Personal and Managerial Effectiveness - Assignment Example embraces responsibility for action’s of a firm and encourages through its overall activities a positive impact on consumers, stakeholders, environment, employees, and various other members who belong to public sphere. In 1960s the term corporate social responsibility gained its importance and was used by many firms to cover moral and legal responsibilities. Proponents often argue that corporate social responsibility activities facilitate long term profits for a firm while some critics often state that CSR distracts a firm from its economic role. It can be stated that CSR is a management concept that enables firm to integrate environmental and social concerns. This is a procedure through which a firm strikes balance between social, economic and environmental imperatives. The CSR policy is a mechanism through which shareholder’s expectations are successfully met and even stakeholders are satisfied. Tesco Plc is a retailer of general merchandise and multinational grocery t hat has its headquarters in United Kingdom. Through its effective strategies Tesco has been able to create a unique position in the market. It is the market leader in terms of selling grocery in UK. The company has its stores spread across 12 countries. Corporate Social Responsibility forms an integral part of the business operations of Tesco. It donates a desirable percentage of its profit margins towards local community or charitable organizations. The company not only considers societal benefits but also implements strategies that safeguard the environment. It has always given importance to CSR activities much beyond the business interests. According to Freeman and Velamuri (2006), Corporate Social Responsibility possesses permeated management theory and practice and can be considered to be the latest management fad. There has been an uneven integration of CSR into business process. Most firms consider CSR policy to be a tool that reduces operational costs and risk. There is only certain